Fire tunnels

The team just finished their last church service in Bura and had fire tunnels to bless all the incredible people! They had a quick lunch and are headed into the heart of the village for a crusade!

One thought on “Fire tunnels

  1. Hey, i happen to be a victim of the fire turnnel, since the very day, my life changed in way that i can say God took away the spirit of orphanism in me. Being a pertial orphan,(father died) i have been struggling with life as make meaning out of it bot all the time ti challenges were high above me, my education was stuggering, life struggles, i lived a life of low esteem because i believed i was an orphan. But after a powerful sermon and the turnel of fire, everything changed God asured me that i was not an orphan and that i have a father who will never let me down.First i was selected to join the OATSchool in YWAM Athi for some wonderful training that was another life changing process that although almost through, i thank God my life has changed. i thank God that since i passed through the turnnel of fire i have collected a basketful of blessings and more is still coming.

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