Feeding Program

Recently Heartbeat started a lunch program for our 40 children we have been supporting while they are attending school. When Oliver informed our kids about the program, one child told him that because of severe drought the other children at their school were not receiving lunch either. The child proceeded to inform Oliver that the 40 children would rather go hungry than eat lunch in front of the other children who had nothing to eat. Thanks to God our food program has quickly evolved from 40 to 240 children!


Oliver has told us that the children are now very happy, no longer fall asleep in class and are able to fully take part in their studies!

If you would like to help us with our feeding programs please email us at info@heartbeatministries.ca.

2 thoughts on “Feeding Program

  1. This is such a wonderful thing that Father is doing for His children. His heart is moved by His little ones!

  2. This is part of the work that The Lord has sent us to do in Bura. With all the prayers from the kids and the families, God will ope more doors and ways to reach to many more suffering kids in This community!
    Thanks so much for all your Support!!!

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