In the beginning…

Heartbeat Ministries is a cross-denominational charity; all of our board, advisors and missionaries are volunteers. In 2004 Heartbeat began working in South Africa and in 2005 they moved to working in a small village in Bura, Kenya. While there they saw the tremendous needs of the people especially the children. In response to this need compassonate donors have helped build a school and orphanage in Bura. Several hundred students including many orphans have been educated and fed. The purchase of a fruit farm has given us a permanent base and international status. Several locals have been hired by Heartbeat and trained by Organic 4 Orphans in organic farming and natural medicine. Today nursery beds on the farm supply food, seedlings, and income for the people of Bura providing self-sufficiency.

Heartbeat has a vision to see this village and the surrounding villages equipped and transformed with teaching about sustainable farming, nutrition and natural medicine. 


Village Projects

New Orphan Homes
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