"A picture is worth a thousand words"

You can see from the above pictures 1) the condition of the schools and their need for bathrooms, 2) one of the little boys who is suffering from malnutrition and needs a doctor's care immediately, and 3) a deep pit which was dug for a latrine, but unfinished due to lack of funds, has now become a real hazard to the little pre-schoolers as they play. 4) condition of the present latrine.

One little Nova Scotian pre-school child and his older sister saw these pictures his teacher had posted. His mom explained the food situation to him and his eight year old sister and when he returned to preschool, he brought a donation from him and his sister. They put together all the money they had, hoping it would feed these precious children and when you read their letter, you will see that these young hearts were touched with compassion.

We are asking all of you who read this story to help us help these three pre-schools. We are asking you to match the donations of these two young Canadians who care about children who are hungry. Each gift is tax-deductible and gratefully received.

For a 20 day month you can feed the children in one of these schools for  $395.00 CND

Together, we can, along with the little ones, make a huge difference in these lives. You can give a donation now through our website, www.heartbeatministries.ca or send an e-transfer to ministriesheartbeat@hotmail.com