From Oliver:

Hello! it is my hope that you are doing very well! we thank God for the more and more of His presence here at the farm as we continue to serve Him. 

i want to thank the donors and the Heartbeat Ministries for the wonderful work you are doing to try and support education of these young future leaders. i mean the impact of the food support is just like daylight! three of the pre schools which had called off  their lunch programs are now back with not only the lunch but as well the 10 am porridge which now we have donated milk to add nutrients to the food.

after we distributed food to the two schools which were to be considered first, we were left with some kg of beans and 25kg for rice and 2 milk catons. we decided to consider Kituma pre school which is also in our list. the school has so many other challenges apart from food. the kids have mo toilet and mattresses to nap in the afternoon as required. we gave the little we had but promised to start with them when we have more donations. 

the food situation is so concerning that we need God to help us through it. so far we have reached out to 52 kids with the 40,000ksh donation. so wonderful.

here are photos of the kids receiving food! 


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Heartbeat is a cross-generational, cross-denominational ministry that God has raised up to facilitate healing and restoration in the body of Christ through prayer and training. We are run by a team of  facilitators who desire intimacy with Jesus, to see and hear what He is doing, and to join him in obedient acts.

Join us in our quest to grasp understanding of the love of Christ, and share it with the world.


Heartbeat Ministries has been the most helpful organization to our village. They show love by supporting our community, helping us grow and learn to be able to create a system of sustainable growth and education.
— Peter Sambo | Manager of Heartbeat Kenya & member of the Bura community


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I have grown in my relationship with the Lord because of Heartbeat, and come to understand the true meaning of Jesus’ unstoppable love. The love that sees no evil, does not keep a record of sin, and is unconditional.
— Oliver Mbhogo | Manager of Heartbeat International & member of the Bura community