Christmas in Kenya

We are excited to share with you the hopes and dream of our Kenyan Team for this Christmas! As you know, we have recently been blessed with a fresh water, hand dug well, and it runs with the best tasting water in Bura! We are also thrilled to share we are partnering with the local schools to teach and help prepare organic farming right on the school premises. The parents and older students help and they learn agriculture with hands on practise! We supply seedlings, as well as practical help as we build relationship!

In every project, our team desperately need a vehicle, hopefully a pickup truck to transport water, crops, seedlings, fencing, water tanks, employees etc. To this end, our hearts sincerely ask your consideration for a Christmas donation for the “truck project” for our Kenyan Team!

All gifts over $10 are tax receiptable and no gift is too small!

We also hope to provide grocery items to hungry families and children!

Thank you for your past support and may your Christmas be filled with the unstoppable love of Jesus!

Loving gratitude,

Charlie & Elaine

Here are some of the projects and items you can donate to:

Barbed wire fence for a garden $67.50

Wheelbarrows for planting and harvesting $40

Tools for a Mama's group $40, (4 hoes) $20, (2 shovels) $22 (2 rakes)

Watertank and fixings for a family $450

Bee Hive $65

School uniform $45

Chair $50, (wooden) $20 (plastic)

Seeds for garden $10

Fish to stock pond $20 and up

Chickens $10 and up

Chicken pen $45

Goat $80 to $100

Other donations gratefully received for:

Medicine for children

Shoes for children

Book bag

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Join us in our quest to grasp understanding of the love of Christ, and share it with the world.


Heartbeat Ministries has been the most helpful organization to our village. They show love by supporting our community, helping us grow and learn to be able to create a system of sustainable growth and education.
— Peter Sambo | Manager of Heartbeat Kenya & member of the Bura community


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I have grown in my relationship with the Lord because of Heartbeat, and come to understand the true meaning of Jesus’ unstoppable love. The love that sees no evil, does not keep a record of sin, and is unconditional.
— Oliver Mbhogo | Manager of Heartbeat International & member of the Bura community