Since 2005 we have worked with the community in Bura, Kenya to build sustainable sources of food, water, and income. We facilitate a family atmosphere and help any who wish to pursue wholeness and healing.


What we do

Our main body of work is social and communal in Bura, Kenya. We work in a small community, restoring hope and prosperity through empowering the people of the community to become self-sustainable. We have many small projects including; burseries for students for high school, community education in organic gardening, farming and fish farming, community feeding programs for the less fortunate, a church and healing ministry, and many small startup business opportunities for women and those who need jobs to support their families.


Our Mission

In Kenya, our sustainable organic community development programs are designed to demonstrate the heart of love for everyone. Healing of the heart brings healing to the land, restoring hope and health to the bodies, souls, and spirits of the people. Our organization has a mandate to both hear the heart beat of God, the pulse of the community, and offer to facilitate healing and restore hope and relationships for the community through the lens of our faith and belief, as well as through our community, family, and children's outreach.


Our Mandate

While our focus and mandate is "Intimacy with the Father", the Leadership and Prayer Listening healing ministries we facilitate have been vital to help those who desire it with the leading of the Holy Spirit, to remove blockages and/or clutter preventing intimacy from happening. We desire to give love, and to facilitate God's presence and healing throughout the nations. 


Our History

In the summer of 1997 the Spirit of God began moving powerfully as a few of us gathered regularly to seek God's heart in prayer. He gave us a definite conviction to pray for the broken and disillusioned in the body of Christ. He began to show us the Father's heart for his people, His love and mercy. 

In 1998, Heartbeat led it's first major conference, the Maritime Releasers of Life with Mary Audrey Raycroft. This was the beginning of many other meetings and seminars aimed at the goal of equipping the body to minister with wisdom, grace, and integrity. We have established Catch the Fire Soaking groups that have grown into soaking/healing/bible study groups which foster the presence of the Lord and ignite the fire of passion for the Lord Jesus Christ and His kingdom.


Our Fire Values

  • Father's love revealed through the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Intimacy through basking in God's presence, and hearing His voice.

  • Restoration of the heart and soul.

  • Extending the Kingdom through the equipping, empowering and annointing of the Holy Spirit.