Wednesday evening soaking at the Passey’s home will be postponed for the rest of the summer, and will resume in September. Enjoy the beautiful weather and soak up the Sonshine.

International Leaders School Of Ministry


Bethel Church Halifax

5406 Roome St, Halifax, NS B3K 5K7

May 21st – 25th 2014
Begins Wednesday May 21st @ 7:00 PM
Ends Sunday Evening May 25th @ 9:00 PM

Jeremy & Connie Sinnott (CTF International Trainers)
Lillian Brown (CTF Canadian National Coordinator)
Dan Slade (PIH International Coordinator)

$300 / person (includes Lunch and Dinner Thursday to Sunday)
Online Registration begins March 1, 2014:

We look forward to seeing all those who are interested at this amazing training event

Farm Update

Here are some recent photos of the children’s home. This home is built on a foundation of love. So many of you have supported this project with your prayers, support, encouragement and perseverance. We are so grateful to see God’s fruit from our Heartbeat community.

“Our new house that we humbly dedicate to the innocent children in Taita county! It is never by our efforts or strength, but He who dwells in us! We give you glory! Abba Father!” -Oliver MboghoDSCN3227DSCN3270




This place has everything. Indoor plumbing and a latrine!DSCN3320

New Sign!

We are so grateful for everyone’s continuing support. As you could see our farm sign had seen better days, and often times people would not be able to find our farm. But not anymore, we have a new bright sign! Sharing God’s love with the people of Bura.


AfterDSCN3359: Welcome to Heartbeat Ministries Kenya, Jesus Unstoppable Love!DSCN3310

Tuk-tuk’s and Fences

What do Tuk-tuk’s and fences have to do with each other? And what is a Tuk-tuk? God has most recently provided our Kenyan farm with a Tuk-tuk (an Auto Rickshaw). We will be using this to move supplies to and around the farm, before we were carrying things by hand, wheelbarrow or bike. Check out our new ride!




DSCN2324And what about those fences? After one mamas group made their keyhole gardens they were having issues with chickens eating their vegetables. So Heartbeat partnered with the group, they worked at our farm and ten mamas received fencing for their hard work.

DSCN2276DSCN2281-1Without fencing these women would continue to struggle to keep their own gardens alive.

Welcome to Sechu

We love living in Bura and the more Heartbeat grows the more communities we are able to reach. About a 30 minute walk from the Heartbeat Farm is a village called Sechu. This village is filled with hard working people who are extremely hospitable, when we visit our Sechu family most often they will not let us go home without sitting down for a cup of chai and maybe a plate of Githeri (a common meal made of beans and maize).

Here are some of our mamas who are part of our organic farming groups.


Our farming practices can turn soil that looks like this…DSCN1254

…into this! A garden blooming with kale, tomatoes, cilantro and chilli.

IMG_0898And this…

IMG_0600Our team comes to Sechu to show group members how they can use any materials on their land to build vibrant gardens, chemical free. Using any type of soil and recycled materials including compost and grey waterIMG_0778

Group members travel from home to home helping each other in building their gardens.Screen shot 2013-11-28 at 9.30.25 PM

When a member builds their garden Heartbeat Farms provides the group member with a variety of seedings from our nursery. IMG_0784

One garden can feed a family of five for up to three years. Often group members will share their yield with many homes in their community.

IMG_0983When we’re not working in the dirt we are spending time with awesome kids.DSCN1296Screen shot 2013-11-28 at 9.44.06 PM

Heartbeat Loves SechuScreen shot 2013-11-28 at 9.54.56 PM

Around the Farm


We love getting updates from our farm in Kenya and we thought you would too. Here are photos of our  children’s home with its new doors and windows. Thank you for your donations and prayers. Your supports make homes like this possible.





We have more have more crops filling our farm. Kale is one of the staple foods of a Kenyan diet. The more crops the more our farm can  support local feeding programs.






The water tank is full! This is a great way to use recycled water to maintain our crops and increase  yield.





The team is planting endless amounts of watermelons now that we have the water.




Oliver and the team are working on the farms first tractor chicken coop. Its a a way to raise chickens where they can be moved around the farm to control weeds and bugs, while being protected from wild animals. Its also a easy way to fertilize the farm.


Soaking, Learning, and Demonstrating His Presence!!

Hello Everyone,

Summer is on the wane, and as the winds blow strongly, I am thinking about the awesome Winds of His Spirit!!

Soon, Heartbeat, together with Catch the Fire Halifax are beginning a time of soaking learning and loving His presence.

Starting Wednesday evenings at 7:00 until 9:00 sharp, September 11th,  we will be learning about Hearing God’s Voice by Mark Virkler, followed immediately at 8:00 P.M. with soaking in His Presence ( Holy Spirit )

In four weeks time, Thursday night, October 3rd, Charlie will be teaching Bill Johnston’s brand new  released study Hosting the Presence. This study will be limited to 12 people to keep the group interactive as there is daily reading to this study, interaction, fellowship, praying for one another etc. Charlie asks that you pray before you decide to come as this a commitment of 8 weeks, complete with a workbook. As you register, we will  give you the cost for your workbook. An amazing course, Charlie has said! If you want to register for this one, please call Elaine at 865-4714. Depending on the response we may offer this one at two locations.

Tuesday night at 7:00 PM we will be doing the second Healing of the Heart workbook with the existing class. But will start the first class / with workbook again as soon as this class finishes in seven weeks time. Those involved, please call Elaine at 865-4714 for starting date.

The first friday night of each month, Catch the Fire Halifax will host a Worship & Intercession Night. “A time of exploring God’s Presence together! Please come ready to hear the songs that Father wants to sing over you and join in His choir!” September 6th will be the first night, with Sam & Megan Churney leading worship this month. If you need any more info. re. this night please call Melanie at 818-0582.

Looking forward to seeing many of you again and welcoming new friends to the above evenings

Loving His Presence!

Charlie and Elaine

Evan & Shawna